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Purnima Mobile Banking

Get Purnima Mobile

Purnima Mobile

Purnima Mobile Banking is a application menu and sms based  mobile banking that allows you to bank anytime (24/7) and anywhere through your own mobile phone.   Supporting Mobile Operators Mobile Banking is supported by both NT and Ncell mobile networks using the following numbers:  
Mobile Network Short code
Nepal Telecom (NTC) 37979
Ncell 37979

Basic Features


·         Balance Enquiry: Customer can check their balance of primary account and other predefined accounts which is defined at the time of customer registrations. -     Alert:  Alert Messages will help customers to regularly update with their account balance and credit limits. Such messages can be generated as per the specified time schedule

Advance Features

·         Mini-statements: An account holder may wish to check the statement of their account. They can be facilitated to check their statements of last  five  transactions ·         Full Statement Request: Statement  printing request can be placed through your mobile and same can collected after receiving confirmation SMS from bank. ·         Cheque Book Request: Cheque printing request can be placed through customer mobile and same can collected after receiving confirmation SMS from bank. ·         PIN Request: To avail PIN CODE to activate the application.
  • Funds transfer:
o   Within accounts already assigned while registering. (assigned account list can be changed) o   Load balance in “eSewa” account
  • Utility Payment:
o   Land Line Bill Payment (Nepal Telecom ) o   Post Paid Bill Payment (Nepal Telecom and Ncell) o   ADSL Bill Payment o   Payment to the merchant for purchase of goods and services.
  • Buy Recharge Cards: Namaste, Ncell
  Mode of Usage The customers can either use plain text based SMS or Menu driven application to use mobile banking services. All types of mobile users can avail the text based SMS services. Whereas only JAVA, Android, iOS, enabled mobile set and Blackberry users can use Menu Driven application. You can find applications for Menu based Mobile Banking from following URL:

Download Mobile App for Android

  Mobile Banking SMS Syntax: The following SMS syntaxes will help you to request services from the bank through the SMS without the need of a GUI (Graphical User Interface) app. Enquiry:
Keyword: HELP Syntax: HELP SMS Text Length: 1 --------------------------------------------------------------- PIN Change: Keyword: PC Syntax: <Old PIN> < ><PC>< ><New PIN> SMS Text Length: 3 --------------------------------------------------------------- Balance Enquiry of Default Account: Keyword: BE Syntax : <PIN><space ><BE> SMS Text Length: 2 --------------------------------------------------------------- Balance Enquiry of Specified Account: Keyword: BES Syntax : <PIN><space ><BES><space ><Account Alias> SMS Text Length: 3 --------------------------------------------------------------- Last Transactions of Default Account: Keyword: LT Syntax : <PIN>< space><LT> SMS Text Length: 2 --------------------------------------------------------------- Last Transactions of Specified Account: Keyword: LTS Syntax : <PIN><space ><LTS><space ><Account Alias> SMS Text Length: 3 --------------------------------------------------------------- Cheque Book Request of Default Account: Keyword: CR Syntax :  <PIN>< space><CR> SMS Text Length: 2 --------------------------------------------------------------- Cheque Book Request of Specified Account: Keyword: CRS Syntax :  <PIN>< ><CRS>< ><Account Alias> SMS Text Length: 3 --------------------------------------------------------------- Statement Request of Default Account: Keyword: SR Syntax : <PIN>< ><SR> SMS Text Length: 2 Statement Request of Specified Account: Keyword: SRS Syntax : <PIN>< ><SRS>< ><Account Alias> SMS Text Length: 3 --------------------------------------------------------------- Fund Transfer from Default Account: Keyword: FT Syntax : <PIN>< ><FT>< ><amount>< > <To Account/ToAccountAlias> SMS Text Length: 3 --------------------------------------------------------------- Fund Transfer from Specified Account: Keyword: FTS Syntax: <PIN>< ><FTS>< ><amount>< ><Account Alias>< ><To Account> SMS Text Length: 4 --------------------------------------------------------------- Fund Transfer Using Mobile Number from Default Account: Keyword:  FTM Syntax:<PIN><><FTM><><amount>< > <Mobile Number> SMS Text Length: 4 --------------------------------------------------------------- Fund Transfer Using Mobile Number from Specified Account: Keyword: FTMS Syntax:<PIN><><FTMS><><amount><><Account Alias>< ><Mobile Number> SMS Text Length: 5 --------------------------------------------------------------- Recharge Card Request from Default Account: Keyword: RC Syntax : <PIN><><RC><><Recharge Card Code>
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NTC GSM:
<PIN>< ><RC>< ><NG100> <PIN>< ><RC>< ><NG200> <PIN>< ><RC>< ><NG500> <PIN>< ><RC>< ><NG1000> NTC CDMA: <PIN>< ><RC>< ><NC200> < PIN>< ><RC>< ><NC500> <PIN>< ><RC>< ><NC1000> SMS Text Length: 3
Recharge Card Request from Specified Account: Keyword: RCS Syntax : <PIN>< ><RCS>< ><Recharge Card Type Keyword>< ><AccountAlias> NTC GSM:                                                                                           NTC CDMA: <PIN>< ><RCS>< ><NG100>< ><AccountAlias>                <PIN>< ><RCS>< ><NC200>< ><AccountAlias> <PIN>< ><RCS>< ><NG200>< ><AccountAlias>               <PIN>< ><RCS>< ><NC500>< ><AccountAlias> <PIN>< ><RCS>< ><NG500>< ><AccountAlias>              <PIN>< ><RCS>< ><NC1000>< ><AccountAlias> <PIN>< ><RCS>< ><NG1000>< ><AccountAlias>             SMS Text Length: 4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Utility Payment from Default Account: Keyword: PAY Syntax : <PIN>< ><PAY>< ><Service Keyword>< ><Amount>< ><Service Attribute> NTC Landline:   <PIN>< ><PAY>< ><NTPST>< ><Amount>< ><PSTN> NTC ADSL:     <PIN>< ><PAY>< ><NTADS>< ><Amount>< ><Adsl Id><><PSTN> NCELL:    <PIN>< ><PAY>< ><NCPP>< ><Amount>< ><NCell No> SMS Text Length: 5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Utility Payment from Specified Account: Keyword: PAYS Syntax : <PIN>< ><PAYS>< ><Service Keyword>< ><Amount>< ><AccountAlias>< ><Service Attribute> NTC Landline:  <PIN>< ><PAYS>< ><NTPST>< ><Amount>< ><AccountAlias><><PSTN> NTC ADSL:  <PIN>< ><PAYS>< ><NTADS>< ><Amount>< ><AccountAlias><><Adsl Id><><PSTN> NCELL :< PIN>< ><PAYS>< ><NCPP>< ><Amount><><AccountAlias>< ><NCell No> SMS Text Length: 6 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Merchant Payment from Default Account: Keyword: PAY Syntax : <PIN>< ><PAY>< ><Merchant Keyword>< ><Amount>< ><Payment Code> Esewa Payment:  <PIN>< ><PAY>< ><ESEWA>< ><Amount>< ><Esewa Id> SMS Text Length: 5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Merchant Payment from specified Account: Keyword: PAYS Syntax : <PIN>< ><PAYS>< ><Merchant Keyword>< ><Amount>< ><AccountAlias>< ><Payment Code> Esewa Payment :< PIN>< ><PAYS>< ><ESEWA>< ><Amount>< ><AccountAlias>< ><Esewa Id> SMS Text Length: 6 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Registered Account Info:
Keyword: BAI Syntax : <PIN>< ><BAI> SMS Text Length: 2 --------------------------------------------------------------- Foreign Exchange Enquiry: Keyword: FX Syntax : <PIN>< ><FX>< ><Currency Code> SMS Text Length: 3 --------------------------------------------------------------- Available Txn Limits Enquiry: Keyword: ATL Syntax : <PIN>< ><ATL> SMS Text Length: 2