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Real Estate Loan

Real State Loan(रियल स्टेट कर्जा)

Purnima Development Bank real estate loans let you finance commercial real estate assets renewable yearly, with fully amortizing and balloon payment options.

Who it's for

Real estate loans are for business owners who want to finance new or existing commercial real estate

Features and Benefits

With a business Loan From Purnima, you can make sure that extra funds are there when you need them.

  • Can be used to construct, purchase, or refinance an owner-occupied business property, or expand or remodel existing facilities
  • Provides a one-time lump sum for real estate purchases
  • For real estate construction, funds are disbursed throughout construction schedule
  • Fully amortizing and balloon payment options
  • Competitive, fixed or variable rate of interest
  • Secured by the owner-occupied real estate you're financing
  • Maximum of 70% loan to value, including fees finance


  • Copy of Purchase contract required (if purchase)
  • Copy of most recent tax assessment on property
  • Outside appraisal of property value may be required
  • Financial documentation including the past 2 most recent years business and personal tax returns.
  • All owners with at least 20% ownership required to guarantee, with a minimum of 80% ownership

Rates and Charges

Details of conditions, charges and interest rates.

Tell us about your plans and needs, we will then agree the interest rate with you and let you know if we require any security. An arrangement fee will apply and is related to the amount you choose to borrow. These terms will be discussed with you before you take out the overdraft.